What data should you collect in your contact form

When creating a contact form, or any other kind of form for this matter, you need to remember that visitors do not not have patience to fill in long forms. They are also not inclined to enter their personal details unless they really have to.
Knowing this, you should think about the fields you would like to have in your contact form:

What are the Conatct form’s most Basic Fields?

1- Should you be asking for your Visitor’s name in you contact form?
While asking someone for their name may seem trivial, some people will not want to identify themselves and will use a nickname or alias, so you should keep this in mind and make this field a non mandatory field.


2- Adding an Email address field to your contact form
The email address is the most important field in an online contact form, since without it you will not be able to reply to your user. This is why it is recommended to make this field mandatory.


3- Should you add a Phone field to your contact form?
most people don’t like giving you a direct access to their home/mobile phone. so you should consider not even including this field. If you decide you still want to ask for a phone number – you should not make it mandatory. Also you may want to consider adding a Lab/place holder saying you will not abuse their trust and use their personal details for other purposes than the one intended.

4- Allowing the user to send a Message in the contact form
This field is the heart of the contact form – and it is recommended to use text area element for it – a form field where the user can enter large amounts of text.


Theses are the basic, most important fields in a contact form. but you can always add a few fields if feel you need to. For example : Contact purpose – drop down (with options such as: sales, support, feedback,etc) – this will help you categorize your contact emails which will later on help you filter the data easily to view only the category you are interested in.

5- Making the Submit button in your contact form  call to an action
it is important to make your submit button text call to action instead of just using the default “Submit” as the text on your button. “submit” has a negative ring to it, plus it is passive. It is better to use longer text that encourages the user to act. like:”Click here to order” .

read more about this: 5 reasons your visitors don’t fill out your contact form

Just remember – keep it short. The more your contact form is shorter and easier to fill – the more people will fill it in.


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